Friday, November 25

Introduced Take a seat, the new from Salt and Pepper Games • Console and Dashboard

A competition between musicals. This could be defined Take a state, project in which Salt and Pepper Games is working. The publisher, known for its portfolio games, reveals the first details.


Take a seat It will hit stores in March 2022, establishing itself as Salt and Pepper Games’ first self-produced game. Until now, the publisher had opted solely for licenses.

The result is a competition of 1 to 6 participants, from 20 to 30 minutes, indicated from the age of 10. It arises as a result of the ideas of Eloi Pujadas and Ferran Renalias. The first has titles like Orbital, Shikoku, Troy Y Wanted 7 on the market, while the latter is behind On the Origin of Species, with Gerard Ascensi.

It places us in an unusual setting for board games: musicals. It’s opening day and they all compete to fill their theaters during the season. Our musical must be the most successful of the moment, so we will need to attract the public and, if possible, place it in the best seat.

Neither the celebrities, nor the authorities, nor the press are willing to miss the event, so we will also need a space for them. While we fill the theaters, we will apply a novel mechanic, baptized as ‘share & write’. It consists of sharing the board with those next to you and fighting for the majority.

The publisher anticipates that there will be two boards and 14 objectives, helping each game to be different. As a curiosity, he was one of the finalists in the VIII Verkami DAU Barcelona Protogame Contest. Illustrations are by Meeple Foundry.

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