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How can I beat the Chak’lok boss fight in Halo Infinite?

Relatively early in his time with Infinite Halo, Master Chief faces the mighty Elite, Chak’lok. Wielding the iconic Energy Sword from the series, Chak’lok is a tough melee foe that can be difficult to handle in the closed boss arena you fight within.

However, there are a couple of tricks you can employ to force Chak’lok out of hiding and defeat him to continue your mission.

How do I defeat Chak’lok in Halo Infinite?

First things first, the boss fight with Chak’lok is truly a Test Flight for Your Brilliant New Ignition: The Threat Detector.

Any strategy to take down the Elite starts here, as his Predator-style invisibility camouflage makes it difficult to follow him until he’s already in close combat range and a little late to do something useful.

Swap your grappling hook for your Threat Detector, then press the same button to fire it. However, it has a relatively long cooldown, and it’s easy to go off in an awkward spot, so pick your spot.

In the middle of the Chak’lok boss arena, around the outside of where the incapacitated Spartan is being tortured, there are four pillars. Choose one of these pillars and fire your threat detector near it.

Then you can uses the pillar as cover for Chak’lok while the Detector reveals his position. When he’s highlighted in red, fire a few shots to lower his shield or health, then back off the side of the pillar to avoid his melee attack.

Repeat this until you’ve finally won or you run out of ammo. At this point, you can look for some new weapons on the edge of the arena, but a faster way is to send as many grenades to Chak’lok as soon as you know where it is.

Hiding behind pillars can often lead him to lose track of where the Master Chief is, leaving you free to hit him with an Energy Grenade and do some quick work with his health bar.

Either way, using the pillars in the middle of the room to your advantage should stop the problem of him appearing out of nowhere and killing you in one fell swoop.

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