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Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations: What are the best updates?

Everybody talks about how Infinite Halo It’s a semi-open world game, but not so many people are talking about some of the changes to Infinite’s game systems that come as a result of that change. A major change? Master Chief has an upgrade skill tree now, powered by Spartan cores!

The upgrades, accessed in the menu under a tab titled, er, upgrades, are all for pieces of gear that the Boss gains access to during the course of their adventure in Halo Infinite. The gear in question are gadgets that are used by pressing down on the left bumper, starting with your grappling hook, but expanding with additional abilities with different utilities as you complete the main story missions.

Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations

Each of the Halo Infinite devices is unlocked during the course of the main story, so if you are looking for a specific one, your best option is to continue playing the campaign missions that progress through the plot. By the time you get to the middle of the campaign, you will have access and can update everything.

Once that’s the case, each skill can be upgraded four times. It will cost you 9 Spartan Cores to fully upgrade each skill, but you can upgrade gradually. Spartan Cores are scattered throughout the world of Zeta Halo and are marked in the local area on your map with an icon. Taking control of major points of interest, such as FOBs or outposts, appears to reveal the Spartan Core icons on the map.

There are plenty of Spartan Cores to find, and you’ll likely settle on your favorite team quickly. This means you probably won’t have to actively search for Spartan Cores and can be updated with the ones you find on the map.

Halo Infinite Mission Spartan Core locations

You can also find Spartan Cores during the main story missions. They are quite easy to find if you use the Master Chief’s Ping ability when entering a new area.

Below the name of the mission, you can see how many Spartan cores appear during it. Again, you don’t need to worry about hunting them all, as you’ll probably find enough to upgrade your favorite gear naturally.

List of Halo Infinite updates and best updates


A key piece of your arsenal in this game, the Grappleshot, which is basically a grappling hook, serves multiple purposes. It’s primarily a traversing tool initially – you can use it to jump large gaps, glide high, or just get out of trouble at high speed. However, the more you upgrade it, the more it becomes a viable combat tool in its own right, where it can be used to stun enemies, making it an effective crowd control technique.

The Grappleshot is a must-have accessory for traversing the map – it will allow you to climb cliffs that would otherwise be impossible and is also a great tool for robbing enemies of their vehicles with a hijack. We recommend that you get your updates early and use this skill frequently.

Grappleshot enhancements

  • 1 Spartan Core – Voltaic: Grappleshot stuns trapped enemies
  • 2 Spartan Cores – Quickshot: Grappleshot Cooldown reduced by 40%
  • 3 Spartan Cores – First Strike – Emits a powerful shock wave when you stay melee while fighting. (To use this grab, then while heading towards your target press and hold melee)
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Reachfall: Increases blast damage and radius. Enemies within the blast are stunned.

Shield Core

When you spell out what this upgrade tree does, it’s all pretty boring – it just makes the Master Chief a little more survivable by increasing the power of your shields. The default ability, when unlocked during the story, increases your shield’s capacity to 115% of its base strength. The updates make it even stronger.

How much you want this will depend on how you play and also, frankly, how confident you are in your combat abilities, but generally speaking, we recommend this as an important skill to focus on.

Shield Core Improvements

  • 1 Spartan Core – Fortress: Adds an additional 15% shields.
  • 2 Spartan Cores – Bastille: Adds 15% more shields.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Redoubt: Adds 15% more shields.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Citadel: Adds 15% final shield strength.

Threat sensor

The next update unlocked throughout history is the Threat Sensor. This is a small projectile that you fire from the Master Chief’s left gauntlet which then ‘ping’ the surrounding area, revealing enemies to you. The story mission area immediately after getting this is pretty much designed for use – filled with narrow corridors with lurking enemies so you can get the drop with the use of the threat sensor.

That said, this was our least favorite of the upgrades and abilities simply because it’s the most passive. It was the last of the skills that we managed to maximize, whatever it’s worth. However, it can be extremely useful for a couple of boss fights against enemies with invisibility powers …

Threat sensor updates

  • 1 Spartan Core – Seeker: Increases sensor detection radius by 50%.
  • 2 Spartan Cores – Operational – Adds a second charge to the sensor, which means you can use it twice in quick succession.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Clairvoyant: Reduces sensor cooldown by 40%.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Omniscience: Adds uninterrupted enemy visibility to the threat sensor and reveals their health.

Fall wall

While it’s not quite as cool as the Bubble Shield, the Drop Wall has at least some of the same utility, deploying a single-sided shield that protects you from enemy fire. However, it won’t last forever, so you should enjoy it while it lasts briefly.

This is a deeply situational power and ability, so improving it will depend on how you play. If you are a more measured Halo player, this will be more useful to you. If you’re the gun-firing type, you’re probably less likely to stay still long enough to make good use of this, though it’s deceptively useful on harder difficulties where enemies hit faster and harder.

Swing Wall Improvements

  • 1 Spartan Core – Quick Shelter: Reduces cooldown by 20%.
  • 2 Spartan Cores – Rampart: Increases the strength of the wall of fall by 35%.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Block: Increases the strength of the falling wall by 70% and increases its size.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Continuous Current: Any projectile fired through the unidirectional element of the shield from your side receives an on-hit damage buff, giving it a chance to stun or chain enemies.


For us at Jugo Mobile, who play Halo with all the crazy head-loading vigor of someone with a death wish, the Thruster was the next most useful update after Grappleshot and Shield Core. This is basically a jet module in the Master Chief’s armor that, when activated, allows you to make quick dodging moves to evade attacks.

It’s great for players who like to get up close and personal, and it can come in handy against some late-game encounters with enemies who love to wield the Gravity Hammer and drop it on your skull. Upgrades reinforce the effectiveness of the Thruster and there is an incredible final bonus.

Thruster upgrades

  • 1 Spartan Core – Afterburner – Adds a second charge to the thruster, so you can use it twice before having to wait for a cooldown.
  • 2 Spartan Cores – Thermal Control: Reduces thruster cooldown by 20%.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Boost: Increases the power of the thruster, which means it moves it quickly and further.
  • 3 Spartan Cores – Escape Velocity: When you push, you gain a cloaking / invisibility effect for 4 seconds immediately afterward.

For more information on how to make the most of your time in the world of Zeta Halo, this is where to find skulls in Halo Infinite.

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