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Halo Infinite: Dr. Disrespect offers to create a Battle Royale mode LevelUp

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After multiple criticisms, Dr Disrespect agreed that he is satisfied with the experience he offers Halo Infinite and its multiplayer mode. However, on several occasions he has stated that the only thing missing is a Battle Royale mode.

343 Industries has not commented on a possible implementation of this popular game mode, so Dr Disrespect offered to collaborate to make it happen. During a recent stream, he insisted that the game needs a battle royale to be modern.

So he shared several of his ideas to create it and reached out to the studio so that in collaboration they can bring the action of pitched battles to Halo Infinite.

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Dr Disrespect wants to create a Battle Royale to Halo Infinite

“That’s… that’s what you need. People who say that Halo don’t need a battle royale said that Battlefield I didn’t need it. Now look where that game is. He must have one, “said Dr Disrespect during a recent stream.

He added that he is happy with what the title currently offers, but that he lacks the pitched battles to be complete. Dr Disrespect pointed out that creating a Battle Royale mode when Forge is available is a bad idea, as it would be a lousy implementation.

He wants 343 Industries to build the full experience with the quality it takes to keep up with other propositions in the genre. “It’s crazy to think how good the game could be. Massive potential. I really think you must have one. That’s where the game should start heading, soon, “added the streamer.

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Later, Dr Disrespect dreamed of a mode where players fall from a spaceship into a ring where the fighting would take place. He even claimed that The Flood would make a great name for the Battle Royale.

Finally, he stated that he would be very happy to be able to cooperate in the project if it becomes a reality. So he volunteered to work on the supposed Battle Royale of Halo Infinite.

“I would love to design that. It could put my multi-million dollar streaming career on hold. I’m willing to do it, 343i, ask for my resume ”, the streamer finished.

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Halo Infinite available now for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and PC. Look at this link for all the news related to the new delivery.

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