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GTA 5 is the most watched game on Twitch in 2021 eight years after its launch

Is there any record that Grand Theft Auto V not passed? This year we learned that the open world Rockstar Games has already sold more than 155 million copies internationally, but it is also that a new audience study of Twitch reveal what it is the platform’s most watched video game in 2021 even though eight years have passed since its original rise and that, based on the sales figures, one might think that practically everyone has it and few would prefer to see it live rather than play.

However, the data does not lie; a study of Stream Elements confirms that Grand Theft Auto V is the most watched game of the year on Twitch with 2.1 billion viewing hours, second only to the channels of just chatting (section where podcasts, programs or streamers who simply discuss varieties with their community) that have amassed a total of 3.1 billion viewing hours this year.

To be honest we are not surprised that GTA 5 be the most watched game on Twitch, mostly due to the success of GTA Online, a multiplayer mode that has now become a standalone experience and has just received a free expansion with the appearance of Franklin Clinton, main character of campaign mode.

The other most-watched Twitch games of 2021

In the list of the most watched we find other popular games such as League of Legends (1800 million hours), Fortnite (1 billion hours) or Valuing (949 million hours). Precisely from battle royale Of Epic Games we spoke to you recently to tell you that it is the most popular game on the platform according to search data, something that also revealed that Auronplay is the streamer most famous Spanish. The authors of this study are not surprised by the games that appear on the list, although they do highlight the incorporation of New World, Amazon’s MMO, which debuted this year entering the position number 18 most viewed games on Twitch.

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