Saturday, December 3

Google Pixel 6 just lost these two features due to bugs

Both the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are excellent devices that easily earned spots on our best Android phone list. But a software bug has forced Google to temporarily remove two device-selling functions.

For Android Authority, Google has paused the Hold for Me and Call Screening features due to a bug in its December 2021 security patch for Pixel phones. While some users got the patch, Google has stopped a full release until it can fix the update. According to a post in the Google Help ForumsSaid a product support manager, “Our teams are actively working to resolve this issue,” and that the post will be updated with new developments.

Hold for Me was a feature that was first introduced on the Pixel 5 and, as the name suggests, it allows the phone to handle customer service queues automatically. The phone will notify users when a live agent answers the line. With the Pixel 6, Google added a feature that lets you easily navigate phone menus for 800 numbers, and it’s one of the best examples of how the new phone’s Tensor chip adds built-in intelligence to the device.

Call control is another useful feature where the Google Assistant detects unwanted or unwanted calls and provides a transcript. Again, the Tensor chip makes those transcripts more accurate on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google says.

As mentioned in the support forum post linked above, it is not yet known when these features will be enabled. But it’s not the only thing Google is currently investigating.

An annoying Pixel 6 connection issue is also being discussed. This connectivity issue appears to be limited to European users and our team in the UK have experienced similar 5G issues. For example, we noticed fewer connectivity issues when swapping SIM cards with an iPhone 13 Pro.

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At least game streaming on the Pixel 6 Pro just hit 120fps thanks to Nvidia’s GeForce Now service. Not only that, Google continues to add more features to its phones, including Now Playing, a BGM identification feature, and Near Share, which allows Pixel 6 Pro users to easily transfer files to other devices, just like AirDrop’s. Manzana. Heck, even Face Unlock is on the table for Pixel 6 Pro users.

Either way, we hope Google will issue a fix soon, as Hold for Me and Call Screening are among our favorite Pixel features.

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