Sunday, December 4

GOG regala I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream • Consola y Tablero

For Christmas, GOG gives its users I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream. It shows, thus, that Epic Games is not the only one that releases free games for PC during these dates.


Under this original title (I have no mouth and must scream), we find an adventure from The Dreamers Guild and Night Dive Studios. Deep within the Earth, the last remaining people are buried.

A lone suicide bomber, a mutilated brute and a phobic hysterical, among others, are trapped in the bowels of a computer. The result is a heartbreaking story, where you discover the deepest and darkest secrets of humanity. We’ll solve puzzles, on a mission to free ourselves from the clutches of the electronic beast, as we face dire moral choices.

To download it, just locate it in GOG. We need a user account, so if we don’t have one, it’s always a good time to create one. We select the option to claim and we keep it, forever. We must know that it is a limited time promotion, so it will only be available for the next few hours.

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