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Fail! Even Battlefield V has more recent players than Battlefield 2042 | Levelup

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Battlefield 2042 It has been a very controversial shooter, so much so that people already prefer past installments that were shaping up to be very hated. Don’t you believe us? The clearest proof is that up to Battlefield V already has more recent users on Steam than Battlefield 2042.

What happens is that, according to data from SteamCharts, Battlefield V reached a higher peak of users in the last hours than Battlefield 2042. To be exact, the shooter that debuted in 2018 had 22,993 connected users on Steam, while Battlefield 2042 it was only with 19,002 players connected in the last hours.

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The difference seems to be very small and it really is. However, there are 2 things that make it very eye-catching. The first of all is obvious: Battlefield 2042 just came out and Battlefield V It has been on the market for 3 years, so the numbers for the first should be higher. The second is that the graphs show us that people are returning to Battlefield V and it appears that they are returning as refugees from Battlefield 2042, a game whose number of users plummeted.

Don’t you believe us? Check out the graphs below:

What is shocking about this situation is that Battlefield V it was far from being a delivery loved by the community. While it has several positive points, the reality is that from before its release there was enormous friction between what fans were looking for and what DICE was delivering. Thus, it is not like the user base of one of the best games in the series has increased, but that it happened to one of its most polarizing installments.

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We’ll see if this helps Electronic Arts and DICE see that the current direction of Battlefield it is far from what the community expects. Hopefully it works, since it would be a disgrace if one of the legendary gaming sagas ends up distancing its community in such a way.

What do you think about this new? Did you think the failure of Battlefield 2042 would lead players to Battlefield V? Tell us in the comments.

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