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Discussion on Diablo II ends in fatal shooting in US | LevelUp

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An inadequate management of emotions and the possession of weapons led to a tragedy in Washington, United States after a dispute originated between 2 players of Diablo II That ended in the worst way because one of them was murdered and the other will go to jail.

Once again, anger management and gun possession provoke tragedy in the US

According to information from The Columbian (via The GamerJoshua G. Spellman, 36, was charged with second degree murder after shooting and murdering his alleged friend Andrew Dickson, 34. This regrettable act was generated by a dispute between both players while they were celebrating a game of Diablo II which was invaded by an anonymous gamer.

According to the details of what happened, on December 17 Spellman and Dickson, friends for 26 years, were playing Diablo II online, each in a respective department of the same building. Supposedly this was a password protected session but the host forgot to check this step and an unknown player suddenly appeared who stole an important undisclosed piece of loot. The fact infuriated Dickson who did not stop offending Spellman and he threatened saying that if he did not calm down, he would shoot him.

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The subject who shot boasted of possession of the weapon, pointing out that he was in the United States.

The situation did not improve, Spellman took a firearm, which he had next to his PC, and went directly to Dickson’s apartment. When he arrived at the scene, he shot into the air, receiving a response from Dickson’s father who tried to calm him down, however, seeing this scene and that Spellman did not drop the gun, Dickson approached his supposed friend in a “threatening” manner, according to the testimony, and was shot in the torso. Although he made it to the hospital alive, the player died before anything could be done to save him.

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After being stopped by the police and being questioned about the possession of the firearm next to his computer, Spellman replied: “Why wouldn’t I have it there? This is the United States.”

So far, Spellman is detained, will have to pay a bond of $ 750,000 USD and is awaiting a determination of his situation on December 29, because, believe it or not, the way the deceased today approached could help him to get away with it.

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