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Destiny 2 Lightning Rounds – Cómo iniciar Lightning Rounds en Dares of Eternity

Destiny 2 Lightning Round In Dares of Eternity it’s an elusive bonus round in the new activity, but getting to it is more of a challenge than the event itself.

So far, there is little indication of how Lightning Rounds actually work and what generates them. And that’s a shame, as you can earn some great bonuses if you get through the extra round.

Cómo iniciar Destiny 2 Lightning Round en Dares of Eternity

For now, there is apparently no foolproof way to start a blitzkrieg. Fans including us have been unlucky enough to make it into the bonus round, although that means we know that it has no effect on the event.

  • It does not matter to choose the right or wrong door
  • It doesn’t matter how quickly you defeat bosses or clear challenges
  • (Probably) there is no special boss you need to defeat

Some players claimed there was a “special guest” who showed up at the Dares rounds and a system message pops up to alert you to his presence. We have yet to come across that though, and it’s the same for most other players. It could be true, but there isn’t enough evidence yet to say for sure.

Things to do in Destiny 2 Lightning Round

If you manage to get lucky and trigger a blitzkrieg, it will start after the final boss of Dares of Eternity. You have a limited time to wrest control of three zones from enemies, and each zone you recover grants you an additional chest at the end of the event. That’s a very good thing, as it means more treasure keys to spend on weapons and more rare coins for Starhorse rewards.

There may be a special boss that spawns during the test, although it’s not entirely clear what happens if you defeat them.

It’s far from the only thing to do in Destiny 2. The Gjallahorn is up for grabs if you bought the Anniversary Pack, and anyone can complete the Magnum Opus quest to get the Forerunner pistol. If you need new armor, we recommend the Artifact Armor that you can get from the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, as it has its own pre-equipped artifact mod slot.


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