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Cristina Pedroche, on her makeover for the Campanadas: “My mother has a dislike …”




A one week from the year 2021 to 2022, there is not a day that in a program of Atresmedia do not talk about the ‘look’ and the dress to wear Cristina Pedroche placeholder image during the Chimes to present in Antenna 3 beside Alberto Chicote. If Thursday was the last guest of the year ‘The Hormiguero’, this Friday has been the main protagonist of ‘Zapping’, the space of The sixth of which she is a collaborator.

This Friday’s program has started with Dani Mateo, Lorena Castell Y Miki Nadal singing a carol while Quique Peinado Y Cristina Pedroche placeholder image they were watching the scene. Precisely the one from Vallecas has not been able to contain the emotion and has shed a tear. “Why are you crying?” Asked his companions. “It is that Christmas makes me very sensitive,” answered the Madrilea.

As I did this Thursday in the space that leads Pablo Motos, where she appeared with a natural hair wig that imitated a short mane, Cristina Pedroche placeholder image has made this Friday an appearance in the program that presents Dani Mateo with another natural hair wig that this time mimicked an African-American hairstyle.

“Yesterday we saw that Cristina Pedroche has gone a little crazy and has cut her hair to give the Chimes. And today we see you wearing a wig and we don’t know how far you have cut it. How much have you cut it?” Dani Mateo. “It is that it is not known”, has responded Cristina Pedroche placeholder image. “But how are you not going to know if you have done it?” ‘Zapping’. “Let’s see, now I want people to think that I have cut a lot, that I have cut a little, that I have not cut anything or that I have regretted how it looks,” said the ‘sapper’.

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“I have to say that we have not seen how he wears his hair either. That is, not only at home you have not seen it, it is that we have not seen it here either,” he said next Lorena Castell. “I do not know if completely shaved, because I do not think you would dare to shave totally, but a short hair like mine will look cute, really,” continued the Catalan collaborator. “Sure, but there won’t be so much change, right?” Cristina Pedroche placeholder image. “Well, yes, you had it very long, you had it up your ass,” said the Barcelona woman. “My mother has a dislike …”, then assured the presenter of the Chimes in Antenna 3.

Cristina Pedroche placeholder image has stated that only a small group of people, including his partner Dabiz MuozYou know what your wig hides, which will not be removed until next December 31 at night. “All my life is going to be with a wig, all the time. No one is going to know what is in here,” he said. “I admit that Dabiz does know what is in here; Oscar, my hairdresser, of course also; Carol, the makeup artist; and Josie. Nobody else knows what is in here,” continued the Vallecana, who thought to sleep with a wig to hiding her change of ‘look’ from her husband and has revealed the idea that a relative has: “My aunt’s theory is that I only dyed it.”

The actress and model, also an actress and model, was thrilled again when she saw the images of herself cutting her hair on the Puerta del Sol clock. What am I going to do … These dates make me very sensitive, “he admitted Cristina Pedroche placeholder image. “That’s why the critics also affect me, although I try not to. It’s that I’m ‘naked’,” explained the ‘sapper’, who specified that Josie, the couturier who has designed her dress, “is very happy” with her change of ‘look’.

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