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BLUE BOX accepts its mistakes with Abandoned and promises news for 2022 | Levelup

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Abandoned It is for many the biggest disappointment of 2021. It is not for less, because the project has not done well at all and had a disastrous revelation. To all this must be added rumors and theories that only raised expectations about the BLUE BOX game.

The developer decided to remain silent after the problems and, above all, the unfortunate threats received by some of its employees. The good news is that he decided to go back and talk again about Abandoned to close the year.

In a post on their official blog, the team accepted that they have made various mistakes with the game and that they did not know how to handle their disclosure well. They also took the opportunity to wish players Happy Holidays and anticipate exciting announcements coming in early 2022.

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BLUE BOX learned from its mistakes with Abandoned and its revelation

BLUE BOX explained that Abandoned It has been in development since 2017, so its overall concept has changed several times. The studio stumbled in part because it was simultaneously working on other minor projects, which was a mistake that affected the progress of the project.

It was until 2021 that he decided to fully focus on the game for PlayStation 5. However, his first teaser did not meet his expectations and vision, so they decided to restart development.

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On the other hand, he also acknowledged that the application for its official reveal on PlayStation 5 was announced ahead of time and as a result of “a lot of stress, missed deadlines and chaotic production.” Unfortunately, this did not go well either, as the app was delayed several times.

BLUE BOX ensures that it has learned from all these mistakes, so it hopes that everything will go well when making future announcements and sharing news.

“With the mistakes we have made, we don’t want to make the same mistakes again. All of this has been nothing more than a huge learning curve for us. We want to offer a game that they can enjoy ”, commented the company.

The statement reveals that the application was used by 3 million PlayStation 5 users, who have been in 11 million sessions to date. For this reason, they hope to deliver new content throughout the next year.

Abandoned will return in early 2022

BLUE BOX gave good news to those who expect news from Abandoned, as he confirmed that 2022 “will be interesting for fans” of the title. To be more exact, news is expected during the first quarter of next year, so it won’t be long to learn more about the project.

“With the reveal of the game just around the corner and the release of the Prologue getting closer and closer, we are working hard to ensure that we show the game in the best and most stable way possible,” the company concluded.

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Abandoned is in development for PlayStation 5. Find all the news related to the mysterious title at this link.

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