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Xbox celebrates its 20 years with emotional video | Levelup

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2021 was an important year for Xbox as it turned 20 years since the launch of its first console, which marked a history full of successes and failures but which served to position the brand as one of the most important. Currently, Xbox is in the cycle of its new generation of consoles, but also leading a shared gaming environment that is breaking down hardware barriers and this breakthrough achieved over 2 decades is the subject of its emotional new video.

Xbox ended the celebrations for its 20 years with an emotional video

Xbox is closing with the celebrations for its 20th anniversary and this time it did so with a new video that recalls the recent 20 years in the video game industry and as a direct competitor in the console and video game development sector. The video titled 20 Years of Play shows the story of a family that has grown together with the brand, from those years when owning an Xbox and playing games Halo: Combat Evolved It was the pinnacle, going through the rise of Xbox LIVE with Xbox 360, the power of Xbox One X, and into the current era with Xbox Series X | S and cloud gaming present and possible on Xbox Cloud.

Xbox celebrated its 20 years in a big way with important launches to close 2021 and achieved that Halo Infinite It will finally debut coinciding with the celebrations. Also, games like Forza Horizon 5, Flight Simulator on Xbox and the aforementioned title of Halo they have stood out for their good reception. In the same way, Xbox Game Pass keeps breaking it and attracting new subscribers.

What history do you have in these 20 years of Xbox?

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