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Will there be a third season of ‘Emily in Paris’ on Netflix?

Emily in Paris Season 2 only premiered on Netflix this morning, but fans are already asking, “Où est season 3?” France-based Netflix’s hit is a contagious mix of rom-com, workplace sitcom, and total wish fulfillment. Emily in Paris Season 1 pushed Emily (Lily Collins) right into the middle of a passionate love triangle between best friend Camille (Camille Razat) and neighbor Gabrielle (Lucas Bravo). Emily in Paris Season 2 further complicated things with a new love interest for Em, Lucien Laviscount’s Alfie, and a huge professional ultimatum. Emily in Paris Season 2 ends with Emily being forced to choose between going back to a plum promo in Chicago or staying in Paris with Sylvie (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu). What did Emily decide? We have our theories, but we’ll all have to wait until Emily in Paris Season 3 to discover …

Emily in Paris tells the story of a cheerful but clumsy marketing guru who leaves the Midwest behind for a year abroad at her company’s Paris office. Emily Cooper struggles to fit into the posh world of Paris as she stumbles upon one lucky turn after another. The Emily we meet in season 2 is more confident, but no less adept at the French language (or awkward love triangles). The question is whether enough Netflix subscribers will tune in to the hit romantic comedy over the holidays to win. Emily in Paris a season 3 …

There will be a Emily in Paris Season 3? And when would it be Emily in Paris Season 3 premiere on Netflix? Here’s everything we know so far Emily in Paris Season 3 on Netflix.

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We do not know! It all depends on the gods of transmission (or Emily in Paris Season 2 audience numbers). That said, considering that Emily in Paris Season 1 was a huge hit for Netflix, it seems more likely than not that Emily in Paris Season 3 is ready. After all, we have to find out if Emily decides to quit her job and join Sylvie’s firm! (I’m pretty sure he’ll be joining Sylvie’s law firm. Sylvie doesn’t start work until 10 AM, after all.)


If Netflix decides to order Emily in Paris Season 3 is likely to hit Netflix sometime in late 2022. After all, the first season of Emily in Paris premiered last October. With COVID and all the drama of 2020, Emily in Paris still managed to make a comeback in 2021.

Then And Netflix orders Emily in season 3 from Paris, expected to be a fall / winter release in 2022.

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