Friday, November 25

These are the free games with Xbox Live Gold for January 2022

Xbox has announced what will the Games with Gold that users subscribed to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be able to claim during the month of January. As usual, the selection includes four titles that will be unlocked as the month passes, starting on January 1 and continuing until the second week of next month, that is, until February 15.

The complete list of Games with Gold for January 2022 is as follows:

In total, this selection of games has an estimated value of more than 50 euros in Xbox Store and has a number of achievements whose score would allow us to add 2400 G to our profile in case we complete them all 100%. It should be remembered that these titles can be added free of charge to the library of Xbox Series X/S y Xbox One if we have a subscription to Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, and that we can access them as long as we keep it active.

Four free games for lovers of arcade

Neurovoider is a hack’n’slash of shooting with a double joystick system, as we can read on the official Xbox page, which allows us to face hordes of vigilant robots using infinite combinations of nuclear-powered weapons. We can play both alone and in cooperative mode with up to four people.

Aground is a management and construction title that challenges us to make humanity survive and reach for the stars. As we play we can unlock new technology that ranges from dragon breeding to space exploration.

Radiant Silvergun those looking for fun arcade outright will enjoy this classic remastered by Treasure. It is the same game that was successful in arcade games, but modernized and with new additions such as the “Ikaruga style” shooting mode.

Space Invaders Infinity is a reinterpretation of the iconic arcade shooting, although here it acquires an innovative three-dimensional style that leads us to fight in more than 143 levels that evolve as we advance. Includes new abilities, powers, functions …

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