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The Wolf Among Us 2 will take place 6 months after the first game

The Wolf Among Us 2 is getting closer and closer to invite players to immerse themselves in the world of Fables, a universe where classic tales come to life in a dark, adult and sinister way. Telltale Games promised earlier this month that we would learn more about the game “soon”, and that time has come: as part of the new issue of the magazine. Game Informer, we have known more information on the status of the project. It is scheduled to debut in 2022 in Spain and around the world for PC and consoles.

The Wolf Among Us 2, Bigby Wolf getting closer and closer

Twitter user Shinobi602 has been in charge of echoing the information shared by Telltale Games with the medium. Apparently the story of The Wolf Among Us 2 take us about 6 months after the events recounted in the 2013 title. Let’s remember that the first game invited us to investigate a series of murders as detective Bigby Wolf, a kind of Big Bad Wolf adapted to this world.

Winter will be the landscape that adorns the city of New York in this installment, the metropolis in which these new events will take place. Also, since Game Informer sealan que the project is at “full performance”– The script is finished, and right now they’re about to get down to business with motion capture to bring the characters to life. It is also noted that the Unreal Engine has “optimized” development – the first was developed with the Telltale Tool -.

The Wolf Among Us 2, six months after the first game

Right now that’s all that is known about it. Telltale Games promised a few weeks ago that, in addition to the information shared in the magazine, in early 2022 they will also offer “Something else we can sink our teeth into”. They have not revealed what it is exactly, but perhaps they are preparing some kind of presentation to provide more details of The Wolf Among Us 2.

Created by Bill Willingham, the series Fables (DC Comics / Vertigo) presents an alternate reality where characters from stories like the Big Bad Wolf or Snow White star in more adult and darker stories. In the first installment, we accompany Bigby to investigate a horrible murder that leads us to make all kinds of decisions … and face its consequences.


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