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The video game industry does not stop growing: In 2021 it generated 1.4% more than in 2020

The analyst agency Newzoo, specialized in the video game sector, has published a new report with estimates of the income that this industry will have obtained in 2021 when the year ends next week. According to this company, the international video game market has performed this year even better than it did in 2020, a period that broke records thanks, in part, to the multiple home confinements brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

As we can read in the Newzoo official website, the video game industry will have generated in 2021 a total of 180.3 trillion (American) dollars, which means a growth in spending by consumers of 1.4% more than last year. The data indicates that the highest percentage of spending comes from mobile players, while on PC and console it seems that there has been a slight drop compared to previous years.

The number of players and the market for cloud gaming grow

At the audience level, it seems that video games are also having a good time, since it is estimated that the number of players has grown to 3 billion people Worldwide. This means a growth of 5.3% compared to the previous year, and apparently the majority has come from the Asia and the Pacific region, the place of origin of 55% of the estimated public that consumes video games.

Cloud gaming winnings in 2021.

Another interesting piece of information that we can extract from this analysis is related to the cloud game that we can already enjoy thanks to services such as Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Stadia, PlayStation Now or Amazon Luna, although the latter has not yet reached Spain. According to Newzoo data, this technologya has generated more than double that of last year thanks to a total of 1571 million dollars in 2021 against 669,000 last year. It is estimated that in 2024 this technology will exceed 6 billion dollars generated.

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