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The shooter Ready or Not could include a level inspired by a school shooting | Levelup

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Ready or Not is a tactical shooter that puts players in the shoes of a member of a SWAT squad, who must deal with hostile and conflict situations such as hostage-taking, and so on. This VOID Interactive title debuted on December 17, and although it is still in Early Access, it has already managed to become a bestseller and has extremely positive ratings. However, he recently became embroiled in a controversy.

On December 19, a gamer turned to reddit to ask the developers if it was possible to see a level inspired by a school shooting in the future. Given the nature of the game, such a scenario is not out of place at all, but it is undeniable that it can be uncomfortable for some players.

Ready or Not is, up to a point, a realistic shooter

Despite the latter, a developer confidently answered the following: “You better believe it will happen.” While he did not elaborate on it, his comment seems to confirm that Ready or Not will receive a mission where players will have to thwart a school shooting at some point.

Some fans applauded the courage of the developer studio if they really decide to include such a controversial level in their game. On the other hand, and as expected, there were also those who considered it a bad idea.

Team17 Digital ya no publicará Ready or Not

A few days after the idea of ​​including a school shooting in the game came to light, developer VOID Interactive announced that Publisher Team17 Digital is pulling out of the project. In his tweet he stated that it was a mutual agreement and that they trust that it is the right decision for the future.

“Unfortunately, we cannot say much more about the division, but we are sure that this move is the best for both parties and will allow us to continue with the production and updating of Ready or Not on Steam Early Access, ”stated VOID Interactive in response to a fan on Twitter.

The studio expressed their commitment to the project and reaffirmed that they will remain true to their vision that Ready or Not be a hardcore tactical shooter. Likewise, it promises that they constantly listen to the feedback of the players to work on the patches that will arrive in the coming weeks and months, while ensuring that this situation will not have an impact on the development of the game.

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Of course, it’s easy to speculate that Team17 Digital no longer wanted to participate in the game after VOID Interactive expressed an interest in creating a level inspired by a school shooting, a particularly serious subject. Of course, there is still no official confirmation that creative differences are the reason for the separation.

But tell us, what do you think of this situation? Let us read you in the comments.

Ready or Not is available on PC. Follow this link to read more news related to this title.

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