Wednesday, December 7

The Dying Light Snow Ops Pack is available now and offers an icy advantage against the Infected.

Techland has released another DLC pack for Dying Light just in time for Christmas. The Snow Ops pack includes a new outfit and weapon, all of which provide an edge in the world of Harran for players looking to have the upper hand over the Infected in their next match.

The Dying Light Snow Ops Pack includes the Winter Warrior Outfit. This costume provides all players with a 20% boost to level up their Agility, Survivor, Legend, and Power skill trees in-game. In practice, this will make it much easier to get the benefits of the game early and late.

The pack also includes the Snowstorm Grenade Launcher. This weapon fires specialized grenades at enemies freezing them in place, opening up the opportunity to manage hordes and tackle each area strategically.

This bundle matches very well with the winter events currently taking place in Dying Light. The Snow Ops bundle costs $ 1.99 / £ 1.69 and is available for PC, Xbox and PlayStation. However, it doesn’t appear to be available on Nintendo Switch for Dying Light: Platinum Edition like most of the new DLC that have been released for the game since that version’s release.

A new teaser from Techland shows what the new outfit looks like in the game and how the grenade launcher works in action for anyone who wants to check it out first.

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