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Stream it or skip it: ‘Joy for Christmas’ on Amazon Prime Video, where a publicist and athlete fall in love and

How many made-for-television movies go on the air and on broadcast each year with “Christmas” in the title? It is probably too large a number to imagine. From Hallmark Christmas hits involving small towns and cheesy love stories to sneaky streaming comedy, there’s enough Christmas fare for everyone to enjoy. Joy for christmas, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, encompasses many of the familiar tropes of made-for-TV Christmas movies that we know (and sometimes love) just in time for major holidays.


The essence: Holly Silver (Cindy Busby) has it all, or so she thinks. The publicist can work in a room, but when she realizes that her heart is no longer really in what she is doing (especially in the chaotic company she works for), she quits and decides to return to the family business to be with her sister. Eve. (Erin Boyes) side. The family usually makes a big Christmas gift for children in need, but this year they are in trouble: the money raised for the event was lost due to a bankrupt company and they only have a little time to try to get the money back. funds and keep alive the memory of his late mother. Holly enlists the help of professional athlete Jack Kane (Sam Page), who doesn’t * love * Christmas in particular, but agrees to let her show him how such a special time of year can be.

Against all odds, Holly and Jack team up, and he begins to see the beauty of Christmas and what it means to so many people. While Holly’s family worries about press coverage of this failure, Holly is determined to save the day and make sure these kids have their Christmas. Jack might have a few things to learn about the holiday season, but Holly might learn a thing or two about letting go of the past and embracing the magic that the future (and unexpected connections) might hold.

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What movies will it remind you of ?: Joy for christmas It will remind you of all the other dozens of cheesy holiday movies that hit Hallmark, Lifetime, and Netflix each year.

Performance worth watching: Sam Page feels like he’s in a completely different movie (this is a guy who’s made a name for himself on shows like Crazy men Y The bold type), and it’s absolutely charming. While everyone else in Joy for christmas Featuring some cheesy Hallmark-y renditions, Page offers us a protagonist we can really fall in love with, effortlessly on screen and never causing embarrassment (even when his dialogue is). Sam Page has been featured in a lot of these cheesy Christmas movies over the years, so I’m sure he’s making a good salary, and he’s also the only reason to watch. Joy for christmas (with the exception of Beasley the dog).

Diálogo memorable: Oh man, there are so many cheesy lines that stuck with me, like “it’s just one of those days where your whole life changes” and “God closes a door and opens a window,” to name just a couple.

Sex and skin: None.

Our Take: It is truly a feat to make an 86 minute movie look like it is 2 hours long. I don’t know how, but Joy for christmas it accomplishes this, somehow extending its tuned runtime to places you didn’t think was possible. And none of them venture into any new territory, which somehow makes the whole thing feel like plus of a drag, perhaps because we know exactly where things are going. There’s a soapy family drama (YES, there’s a dead dad they’re desperately trying to honor the memory of!), Religious overtones, a small town feel, a musical number or two, the overzealous Christmas lover trying to turn to the heartless. cynical. I’m not against a cheesy, old-fashioned Christmas romance with a predictable ending, but there’s something about Joy for christmas – I mean, the title alone is so vague that it’s almost infuriating, it feels so straightforward and smooth that it becomes heavy lifting. Where is the enthusiasm? A little sparkle? Would it be too much to ask for a little romantic chemistry between our two leads? Sam Page goes out of his way to do all the heavy lifting, but you can only ask so much of a man who has played this role so many times. Joy for christmas? More like Joyless christmas.

Our calling: SKIP IT. Sam Page may be handsome as hell, but even his good looks is not enough to save Joy for christmas, a movie as forgettable as its meaningless title.

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