Monday, December 5

Steam Deck now supports 80% of the most played Steam games

If you are one of those who reserved Steam DeckProbably the news of its delay will sit you like a jug of cold water for not being able to enjoy the new Valve machine during this Christmas holidays. Luckily, it seems that his development is going quite well and according to the analysis made by the fan group ProtonDB (a community dedicated to testing the compatibility of games with Proton), the laptop Now natively supports 80% of the 100 most played Steam games.

The remaining 20%

Among the titles that are totally unplayable as of today on this list (10%, the other 10 remaining works with various levels of success) are Destiny 2 Y New World, and it is unknown if it is due to restrictions imposed by its developers or due to some other unknown reason.

This makes it clear that the operation of the games in Steam Deck is something that depends on each of the titles released, something that its designer, Lawrence Yang did, a few days when confirming that the two deliveries of Portal they work perfectly, but what games like Left 4 Dead 2 they still need some work to make them fully stable.

Valve’s portal

Steam Deck be a portable console that allows us to play most of the games we have in our Steam library anywhere. Its initial launch was scheduled for this December after a successful reservation campaign, but finally Valve has been forced to delay its premiere until February due to the impossibility of manufacturing enough units due to the shortage of components that plagues the whole world. .

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