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Steam Deck can now run most of the most popular Steam games | Levelup

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One of the most surprising announcements this year was the Steam Deck, Valve’s portable console that immediately reminded us of a Nintendo Switch but much more powerful. Its new release date is a couple of months away and everything indicates that it can now run 80% of the most used games on Steam.

If you are one of the gamers who are impatient for the arrival of this new console, you will be happy to know that you will now be able to play most of the games that can currently be tested on PC.

The new console will arrive in February

This information is thanks to the ProtonDB fan group, a community that is dedicated to testing the compatibility of games with Proton, where they have just confirmed that the portable console is already compatible with 80 of the 100 most used games on Steam.

However, and among the games that still cannot be enjoyed on Steam Deck, we can find some like Destiny 2, New World Y Left 4 Dead 2, the latter still needing some work to make it totally stable, as the designer of the new hardware, Lawrence Yang said long ago.

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It only remains to wait until the launch of the Steam Deck to find out if those responsible at Valve will be able to make all Steam games work on the console, something that would undoubtedly help them in their initial sales.

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