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Starfield: Its director says the game has made great progress in 2021

Starfield It is today one of the most anticipated games of 2022 and there are plenty of reasons for this. After all, it is not every year that a new open world RPG is released. Bethesda Game Studios, least of all one like this centered on a science fiction space trip. However, the information about him is still very scarce and we have barely seen anything tangible, which may worry the most impatient fans about the state of his development.

A development that is going from strength to strength

Todd Howard, its director, is very aware of this, which is why he wanted to reassure the fans that the studio has made great progress throughout 2021 and that next year we will see much more about this project.

The team has made great progress with Starfield this to“said Howard.” We’re looking forward to showing it next year. “Unfortunately, the statement ends here, although it should at least be enough to reassure anyone who has doubts about the status of the project. Considering that in the past Howard said he waited. to be able to teach the game in summer 2022, hopefully it will be one of the highlights of next year’s E3.

Bethesda’s Journey to the Stars

Starfield It will be an open world science fiction RPG adventure that will be released on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series X / S and PC.. Its history will take us until the year 2330 to be part of the last group of space explorers. In this way, we will have to travel the galaxy from end to end while we carry out missions and make a multitude of decisions.

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