Tuesday, December 6

Shiny Diamond Pokémon: a streamer spends 167 hours to get a shiny Rayquaza

Los Pokmon variocolor (o shiny, as they are often known) have become one of the biggest obsessions of fans of these charismatic pocket creatures, which it usually takes many players to hunt them down for dozens of hours for pure collecting. As you know, the Pokémon shiny They are versions with different colors than the usual one that they usually present and the probabilities of their appearing are extremely low, which can be increased with various methods that vary according to the game.

Hunting for a Rayquaza shiny

Those, things can get even more complicated when what we want to achieve is a legendary Pokémon of this type, since they only appear once in the entire game and if activating the match against him is not shinyWe will have no choice but to restart and load the game until the laws of chance and probabilities decide to take pity on us and give us our prize.

Not in vain, the streamer CalebHart42 You can give a good account of this, who set himself the goal of getting a Shiny Rayquaza live in Shining Diamond Pokémon, something that has been documented with a counter of hours and attempts. Yes, in the end he managed to get hold of this precious legendary shiny, but For this he had to invest a whopping 167 hours and 10,140 retries, some figures that could end anyone’s patience just by thinking about them. Obviously, the content creator couldn’t help being excited when he finally achieved what he had set out to do.

The remake of the fourth generation

Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl are now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch, offering us a remake of the fourth generation of Pokémon that has not finished convincing us at all, as we mentioned in the analysis that we dedicate in Vandal. Of course, you can discover all its secrets thanks to our guide.


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