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RUMOR: Universal’s new park would have a Pokémon section | Levelup

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Nintendo already has its own amusement park at Universal Japan and will have a section in Epic Universe, the new park Universal is building in Orlando, Florida. That said, it seems that this will not be the only thing related to video games that we will see in the world of amusement parks and that is that Universal’s ambitious business could include a section of Pokémon.

Epic Universe is already under construction, which has revealed official documents, plans, as well as photographs of the land on which the hotel is being built. In a video, the Theme Park Shop channel brings together many of the things that have been discovered about the construction of this theme park.

What caught the eye of the Theme Park Shop video is that the ground next to the Nintendo section in Epic Universe has already been flattened. This seems to suggest that construction is about to begin there. It is said that this could be a dedicated area in Pokémon or in Illumination, study of Minions, My favorite villain, The Secret Life of Pets and the Mario movie.

It should be mentioned that, at the moment, it is only a rumor. That being said, an amusement park of Pokémon would make a lot of sense, especially if you plan to offer experiences with Pokémon GO. We’ll see what happens, but it would certainly be interesting.

What do you think about this new? Would you like to see a section of Pokémon in an amusement park? Tell us in the comments.

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