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Riot sends Kojima a very special gift from Arcane, the League of Legends series

The always peculiar Hideo Kojima, very active in social networks, has recently shared with his followers a very special package that have been sent from Riot Games and that is undoubtedly already giving rise to talk among the media that have echoed this event. The company that created League of Legends, also parents of the recent animated series for Netflix Arcane, has seen fit give him away to the Japanese creative for these Christmas dates a package that includes merchandising of the series. Kojima, an avowed fan of the show, couldn’t be more pleased.

This is Arcane’s gift that Kojima has received

It happened yesterday, when Kojima posted a first tweet on his twitter account accompanied by several exclamation points and a photograph that showed his followers a huge package with the Arcane series logo. A few minutes later, the creative shared four more photographs of what said package contained; nothing more and nothing less than a promotional set from the Arcane series.

Among the merchandising items there are psters And till some slippers very showy. However, that is not all and it does not end here, because the bombshell of this set. A few hours later Kojima came back to the fray and posted yet another tweet that has left many impressed. The icing on the cake to this gift from Riot Games is put by a beautiful and spectacular collector’s figure of Vi and Jinx, the main protagonists of Arcane.

In this same tweet Kojima thanked Nicolo (executive director) and Brandon (co-founder) of Riot Games for their generosity. Of course, this move by Riot has not been a fluke. The creative japanese was invited on his day to the preview of the series, but he refused to attend the event. However, Kojima spoke on social media later to say that I was sorry I didas he had started watching the series on his own and was totally fascinated.

We already told you in another piece of news that Kojima is now an absolute fan of Arcane, and not only that, but he thinks that the LoL series is “an achievement of digital video between realism and art” Y “the future of animation and CGI”. Knowing the creative, we are sure that he will be delighted with this special gift, and surely that figure of Vi and Jinx will be adorning right now some special corner in the offices of Kojima Productions.

Arcane, a series that does not leave you indifferent

The Serie Arcane, for Netflix, has not only fallen in love with Kojima. Riot Games’ first animation product based on their MOBA universe it has been a resounding success since its premiere last November on the streaming platform. The series has become one of the great works published this year 2021 and it has managed to capture the attention of even viewers who do not play the video game. A second season is already planned and production is underway, although it is not expected for this next year.


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