Friday, November 25

Pharaoh: A New Era, a new sample of its gameplay • Console and Dashboard

After surprising us with its soundtrack, a few days ago, Pharaoh: A New Era reviews its playability. This is a 4K city builder, which combines the essence of the classic with modern graphics.


This title compares the original version with the new one through its new video. One minute is enough to see how the pixels give way to a new aesthetic that, while respecting the original, adapts to modern times. The architecture has been revitalized, generating bustling 4K cities in two dimensions.

Dotemu and Triskell Interactive will make us travel to the Ancient Egypt in a remastering. As an aspiring ruler, we will advance through six different terms, through your main campaign. We will build commercial centers and large cities, among other possibilities.

It will also offer an improved interface and expansion Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile. Released in 2000, it consists of one hundred hours of gameplay, 53 missions, a map editor, and the Free Build. It will be soon when it is released on PC, through Steam.

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