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Pass It On Or Skip It: ‘Real Miami Housewives’ On Peacock Likes Big Butts And Can’t

The Real Housewives of Miami is back as a series about Peacock. Featuring a mix of new and returning cast members, the Bravo series picks up where it left off and takes off in heels as a group of friends compare their relationships, properties, status, and yes, even rear ends. It’s everything you know and love about Housewives with even more swimsuits and palm trees.


Opening shot: The camera glides over the water into the pink / purple / orange sky before cutting out clips of black and white footage from the previous iteration of this show. RHOM It originally aired for three seasons on Bravo, and the short cut will remind viewers of tears, weddings, and glimpses of luxury, specifically from the women returning to the show now that it’s on Peacock. Then a glimpse of Miami’s sparkling blue waters takes us back to 2021, when returning cast members gather to kick off the season, which will consist of 14 episodes, the first two available to stream now and a new one on the platform. of transmission. every Thursday.

The essence: Season 4 already feels so much sleeker and brighter than before (shout out to all the neons!) In just a few moments. Alexia Echevarria and Marysol Patton drive together to a cookout where they are joined by Lisa Hochstein, then Adriana de Moura and then Larsa Pippen. . And while Adriana and Marysol are technically not full-time cast members, but rather “friends of” this season, along with newcomer Kiki Barth, it sure doesn’t feel that way in the first episode. Event planner Guerdy Abraira, Dr. Nicole Martin, and Julia Lemigova (the first member of the LGBTQ Housewives cast!) Are also joining as a full-time cast.

The fact that it is The Real Housewives of Miami you probably don’t need too much explanation, but what you need to know is that it’s great for Housewives OG and newbies alike. If you want to see the previous three seasons of this franchise on Peacock, it’s there for you to do so. If you want to enter immediately, you can. It doesn’t take long to catch up, and even when you do, you already know that friendships will change more than sarongs on the beach.

The first episode gives you all the information you need to know about the returning cast members, including family members who won, lost, married, and divorced along the way. We take a look at their homes (including Lisa’s amazing closet), their friendships, their current job status, and more. Furthermore, the first episode also gives us everything we need to know about the group’s new friends.


Our Take: This version of RHOM it feels specifically designed to get through the winter. It’s a heartwarming observation through the returning cast members and the fact that it’s a Real housewives show (we’re obviously familiar), but it also feels like just the right amount of exciting new territory.

It’s an interesting time in front of the housewives. The only two series to air on Bravo now are RHOC Y RHOSLC, then RHOM It’s certainly not a bad option for scratching that itch. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be as fascinating as our friends in Salt Lake (huh, is there something right now?) And the Latin infusion in this particular franchise brings a warmth that Southern California doesn’t have and can’t. So while it may not be an immediate display of the quote, there is certainly enough right out of the box that will keep viewers intrigued.

Sex and skin: Truly, more than any other Real housewives payment, never. It starts with a look at Larsa’s deals on her OnlyFans account, even though she claims she’s making $ 10K a day from it, so who’s laughing now? Well, not the other women who for whatever reason keep bringing it up, some because they want to participate in the cash theft, some because they want to judge / shame / question what she is really doing there to earn all that money.

The first episode also includes a pool party, which automatically makes it the Housewives show with more skin. They are all in a bathing suit! Adrianna is showing her tit job! She remarks that “astronauts can see it from the moon planet,” when it comes to repeated close-ups of Larsa’s butt in her rope dress, that’s not a cover-up. There’s a lot of discussion and a lot of showing Larsa’s body in the first episode, but hey, if we all looked like this, we’d be doing the same damn thing.

Farewell shot: In the last scene of the episode, Marysol and Alexia argue about the latter’s late husband, Herman, and whether she wants to meet the man she was perhaps having an affair with. The two of them open the mystery man’s Instagram page, and while it’s private, they can zoom in on a photo long enough to yell, “He’s got a huge penis!” Safe to say, we’ll be tuning in for more.

Sleeping star: At first it seemed like new cast member and event organizer Guerdy might be the most interesting of the new recruits; after all, she has a handsome firefighter husband. But then we meet Julia’s wife, who happens to be the great tennis player Martina Navratilova. Also, the couple has a farmhouse where they milk goats, so yes, we will definitely pay attention to them.

Most of the Pilot-y line: “I’m trying to like it, to keep a low profile,” Larsa tells the group during their first recovery lunch. HAHAHA. OK girl. We have been five minutes into a new season of Real housewives where you’re a main cast member, so sure! But, understanding the task, Adriana responds: “Oh yeah, I heard some things on the news.” In her interview, she goes on to explain: “Larsa left Miami, but the moment the Kardashians turned her down, she is now back in the group and trying to regain our friendship and trust. There is mystery there and I am curious. Try not to get hooked! Larsa of course asks if Adriana is still in contact with her ex-husband Frederic, and somehow lunch is still polite, but the breadcrumbs on the way to the house from the drama are certainly being dropped.

Our calling: Pass it on. I’m not sure where this show is going, but I will certainly watch and find out.

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