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Nico achieves the never seen before in ‘The island of temptations’: New infidelity and dates three

En ‘The island of temptations‘they have seen everything type of situations between couples and singles but what is starring Nico on the fourth edition It is unparalleled.

The soccer player, who came to the island to try to solve her relationship problems with Flaws, is living more than one hot encounter in the program that presents Sandra Barneda.

Nico’s first infidelity in The Island of Temptations

Last week you could see how Nico passionately kissed Miriam, his favorite temptress and consumed his infidelity his girlfriend, Gala with a night of passion. That caused a confrontational bonfire which Nico did not show up to and Gala got revenge nice with Miguel.

But it seems, Miriam She is not Nico’s favorite temptress. The single Rosana has appeared on the scene in the life of the footballer in reality. In fact, Nico started out in ‘The Island of Temptations 4’ feeling very attracted for Rosana but I ended up with Miriam.

Nico is now with Rosana

Now, Nico has turned his eyes back to Rosana at a new party in Beach Villa. Some sensual dances raised the spirits of the two and could not hold back. Nico and Rosana kissed in front of Miriam and then they continued the fiesta in Nico’s room having sex.

Appointment three

Miriam He did not shut up and confessed to Nico that what he had seen hurt a lot and she wanted to ‘break up’ with him but in the end they ended up making up. But Nico went further. He got the idea that the three of them had a date for everything that had happened … and they agreed

At the meeting, the tension between the single women was evident. And in the middle of them, Nico acknowledged feeling attracted to the two: Miriam and Rosana.

Not happy with all this, Nico also had time to suffer a fit of jealousy for his girlfriend Gala. At a new bonfire with Sandra Barneda, Nico found out what happened between Galla and Miguel.

Nico’s attack of jealousy for his girlfriend, Galla

The contestant couldn’t bear the truth to see his girlfriend in bed with another man and ran away from the stake.

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