Wednesday, December 7

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, free on the Epic Games Store • Console and Dashboard

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is the new PC game that Epic Games Store makes available for free download. This time around, turn-based combat and mutants come together for a post-apocalyptic experience, brought to you by The Bearded Ladies and Funcom.


For the most clueless, this is not the first time that Epic Games temporarily gives away this game in its store. We are facing a title that arrived a little over two years ago, so it is relatively new.

The Earth is the only thing that still stands in the world as we knew it. Nature has taken over the cities, which are in ruins. Common humans have become extinct and now a new species has risen to rule the blue planet. Mutants are deformed humanoids or intelligent animals seeking to be reborn as a civilization in a post-human world.

We will control a group of very diverse characters. They go through a wild boar that does not know how to control his anger or a duck with a bad temper. In turn, they also have their own unique abilities. Stealth is a key and important weapon to always have an advantage when fighting. Those battles are fought at style X-COM. In addition, we have mutations to improve our characters, either visibly or through new abilities.

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden It will be available for free until five this afternoon, on the Epic Games Store, to make way for another game yet to be revealed. If we get it on time, completing the purchase for zero euros, we will keep it forever.

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