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Masahiro Sakurai confirms that there are no plans to make a new Super Smash Bros.

We recently told you that Masahiro Sakurai, the father of Super Smash Bros., I dropped that in the event that the saga received a new installment, it should have fewer characters than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As you can imagine, these statements have led many fans to think that there is a new title already underway, something that the creative has been quick to deny, making it clear that there are no plans to continue the series at this time.

No plans for a new installment

I can’t think about the future right now“Sakurai said.” If Nintendo decides it wants to do another one and offers me the job, then that will be when it will start thinking about it. When you talk about returning to the saga it sounds like there is going to be another Super Smash Bros., but as of today there is no plan in place. It would be better not to assume that there will always be another. “

“Also, I may not continue creating more games and take a different path. There are several different ways to get involved with the video game industry. I’d like to keep an open mind about what to do and take a look at all the possibilities. “

The definitive tribute to the history of videogames

These statements will most likely not surprise you too much, since Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has been a titanic job for its developers, who have managed to include in a single game all the characters that had appeared throughout the saga, as well as add a large number of new additions from the most important and relevant series in the video game industry, not only from Nintendo, thus adding a staff of characters that exceeds 80 with their DLC included.

In our review of this exclusive fighting game for Nintendo Switch we describe it as “the definitive tribute to the history of videogames“and we gave it a score of 10. Also, if you want to unlock its different secrets, we recommend that you take a look at our guide.

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