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Juegaterapia presents its eSports team: This is the Pelones Jugones community

Play therapy, the Spanish foundation that brings video games to children with cancer, has presented its next step this week: an eSport community baptized with the name of Pelones Jugones, where the little ones with cancer treatment are the protagonists. With the documentary The chemo playing flies by, the charity relies on scientific studies that claim that gambling is beneficial for a speedy recovery.

Pelones Jugones, the revolutionary eSports team

The first online competition among the little ones has already been held: they have jumped onto the playing field of FIFA 22 on the occasion of the Amazon GAMERGY MAPFRE Edition, with a team made up of Adrin, Ass, Guille, Kiril, Marco, Noa, Sara and Sergio, between 13 and 16 years old. The winner of this inaugural tournament was 17-year-old Marco: resident in Madrid, has received a PS5 as a prize. Guille, 16, is from Burgos and was in second place, which has allowed him to get some virtual reality glasses from PlayStation. The third prize went to 14-year-old Ass, who won some gaming helmets.

“Although all the participants have had a prize,” they point out from Juegaterapia. Thanks to Pelones Jugones, children can connect to this platform from any hospital in Spain and join games between them. The connection is made through an application designed exclusively for this purpose by the GGTech company in solidarity. “This first competition has also been possible thanks to the solidarity of Sony PlayStation, EA Sports and the RFEF”, say the organizers.

Pelones Jugones, the first eSport community for children with cancer treatment

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The confinement of 2020 has been responsible for the birth of this idea. From Juegaterapia they organized games between the patients, who were doubly isolated due to the delicate global situation. Marcos Llorente, Luis Surez, Vinicius and the Formula 1 driver Carlos Sainz participated in these games with them, but the little ones were left wanting more. So, from the foundation, they did not take long to organize the Pelones Jugones and this first Play Therapy Cup.

“Juegaterapia has developed the idea of ​​the Community of Pelones Jugones to extend the use of video games to all pediatric cancer patients to improve their quality of life, playing”, they point out in the press release. “For a year now, every new child in an oncology ward has received a JappyKit, a bag full of gifts and a game console so that he can face his illness with energy and playing. Almost 500 have already been delivered and this figure continues to rise. “You can find more information about the foundation in its official website.

Video games, beneficial to health during cancer treatment

A study published in the journal Journal of Medical Internet Research argues that playing helps the little ones to heal. At the beginning of 2021, an investigation carried out at the Hospital La Paz in Madrid shows that when children undergoing cancer treatment play video games “they feel less pain and thanks to the activation of their parasympathetic system, playing also favors their healing“. Amazon Prime Video and Filmin have participated in the production of the documentary The chemo playing flies by, That you can see here for 2.95.

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