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Garmin’s 2022 range of smart watches looks beautiful

Garmin plans to launch a handful of new watches that include a successor to the Enix 2015. There is also the Fenix ​​7 series and Venu 2 Plus.

Garmin has a handful of smartwatches coming soon, and they may be announced in a few weeks. In early January 2021, the wearables maker launched Garmin Lily, its first smartwatch designed by women and for women. It also introduced new Forerunner smartwatches in June 2021. Interestingly, Garmin smartwatches run a proprietary operating system and not Google’s Wear operating system.

While most smartwatches are something of an all-rounder trying to do everything, Garmin watches are rated based on their strengths. Their Forerunner series is aimed at runners, while their Fenix ​​is ​​for those who prefer outdoor activities. There is also the Descent series for divers, the MARQ for drivers and pilots, and the tactical series designed for military and security operations. Garmin also makes fitness trackers for kids.

Garmin plans to expand its smartwatch portfolio with several new models early next year. According to Winfuture, which has provided details on the watches, they may be announced at CES 2022 in the first week of January. The list of new watches includes the Fenix ​​7 series, Instinct 2 series, Epix Gen2, and the Venu 2 Plus, which was first heard about last month. It also plans to announce new color options for the Vivomove 3, Vivomove Sport, and Approach S12. The Epix Gen2 is one of the more interesting models, as it is a successor to the now-discontinued Epix released in 2015. Photos of the watch show that the new model drops the square dial of the first-generation model for a round display. It also includes new features like sleep tracking, blood oxygen measurement, and heart rate monitoring. In addition, it will be water resistant up to 100 meters and will have built-in GPS. However, the images do not show if the watch will come with preloaded maps like the 2015 model.

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Watches for everyone

The Garmin Fenix ​​7 series will be available in three models: Fenix ​​7, Fenix ​​7S, and Fenix ​​7X. All three will be made of a combination of reinforced plastic and stainless steel, will have round displays, various buttons, and package status tracking functions. Garmin will also make all three models available in solar editions so users don’t run out of battery power. The Fenix ​​7S will be available in at least three colors, including a rose gold-colored stainless steel frame with matching buttons and clasp. Garmin Instinct 2 and Instinct 2S will have e-ink displays. This type of display doesn’t consume as much power as LCD and AMOLED displays, so both watches should have impressive battery life. There is GPS built into both models, as well as a heart rate sensor and sleep tracking.

For those who want an everyday smartwatch, the Garmin Venu 2 Plus may be the one for them, eliminating the sporty design of the other models for a sleeker look. It has a bright OLED screen, three buttons, and a textured silicone strap. The third button has been reported to be for microphone functions, and the images of the watch seem to confirm this, as they show an opening on the left side of the case that should be for the speaker. When these new watches arrive, they will compete with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7 for a share of the smartwatch market.

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