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Downloadable Mystery Games • Console and Board

A dinner. A murder. All guests are suspects. One is the murderer. We are not facing a novel by Agatha Christie (which also), but rather a downloadable mystery game. Halfway between a board game, role-playing game and escape room, it works as the perfect addition to any holiday gathering.

One more year, we have decorated the house with traditional ornaments. The visit to the supermarket has resulted in an exquisite menu, accompanied by the best of drinks. Everything could be ready, unless we want originality to sneak into the plans. Unless we are looking for an unforgettable night. Unless we dream of the title of best host of the century.


Murder mystery dinners are an original way to surprise. A gift in itself. A guide will introduce us to the plot, where the guests themselves are suspected of committing a crime. We will get carried away between betrayals and alliances, either at home or in our favorite restaurant.

The Wild West Mystery Game It is presented as a perfect plan not only for Christmas, but for any other time of the year. We just need to set a date and time and gather ten people in the same space. From there, the action begins. Even for the host. It is a downloadable challenge, indicated from the age of 14.

The plot will drag us to 1881. Specifically, to Irregular City, located in the Far West. Peace is present throughout the territory, which translates into happy and calm inhabitants, who welcome outsiders and tribes in the best possible way.

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The owner of the fashionable saloon, Lily Blanco, proposes to celebrate this prosperous situation. Organize a party, where your guests will wear the best finery. In case the flies, they will not forget their weapons. After all, calm never lasts long …

Thus, they will be involved in a crime. All the assistants are suspects of murder, reason why they will present their defenses before the accusations. Even if everyone has their reasons, it will be time to find the real culprit. Deduction, investigation and intuition will soon enter the scene.

The host’s job

This proposal has an advantage over other similar titles: the host is also part of the action. You will have to organize the evening, but you can be part of it as one more character, without being a mere spectator.

After purchasing the game, you will read the simple instructions and print and cut the files. It will be time to contact the creators to receive some personalized invitations. You will send them to your guests. If you invite them to dress up, the experience will be more satisfying. No big complications are necessary. A few setting details will do wonders.

If desired, it will decorate the room to approximate the theme. Knowing that it will take place in a Wild West saloon, a few bottles and rugs will be enough to travel without leaving home. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the accompanying music.

The stabs in 150 minutes

The doorbell rings. The guests, with their huge hats, make an appearance. The undertaker. The bounty hunter. The cowboy. They take a seat. What do I get him to drink? This promises. Introductions give way to crime. To real action. The host will be able to explain the mechanics or simply put the audios that the game includes.

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One of the guests is guilty. Everyone will try to prove their innocence. So far everything simple, if not because lying is allowed. Are you really telling me the truth? We must bear in mind that it is not possible to deny something that they saw us do. Nor is it to say that we have not been in a place when we have been seen.

downloadable mystery games

The facts cannot be denied, but the excuses are valid until they catch us. If we are not the criminal, we will enjoy piecing together clues. Developing joint theories. If we are, the fun will come from leading others down the wrong path. By betraying, accusing others. Upon discovering how even the innocent stab themselves.

In total, it will be two and a half hours of mystery, where the host will be as surprised as the guests themselves. The result will be an unforgettable night, which we will surely want to repeat on birthdays or on special dates. Or, simply, we will find excuses to gather around a new story.

The winners will receive, as souvenir, diplomas for their victory. The other players will have participated in a meeting that will remain in your memory for a long time. They may insist that the host organize a new case or even encourage it to prepare for it themselves.

Gathering ten friends or family is not always easy. We will have to pull several groups, which implies a lack of trust between certain people. A mystery game is capable of bond in minutes, without having to suffer to break the ice. Nobody is isolated.


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