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Destiny 2 lets players feed Starhorse Cosmic Sugar Cubes

Everyone’s favorite eternal equine from Destiny 2 has a special tie to this year’s dawn that players will want to take advantage of.

With the launch of the 30th anniversary event in Destiny 2, players met a new character who has quickly become a community favorite: Starhorse, the Heavenly Steed presents the Dares of Eternity event alongside Xur at Destiny 2 last mode.

Shortly after the launch of the 30th anniversary event, Bungie launched its annual event The Dawning. Players with a keen eye quickly realized that completing Dares of Eternity had a new item in their inventory, a Cosmic Sugar Cube.

The Cosmic Sugar Cube is described as “A small crystalline hexahedron, each facet encrusted with miniature sugary galaxies. Shine in and out of this reality. You think a certain impossible horse could appreciate this. ” Once acquired, players must head to Xur’s Treasure Room to present it for a gift of Dawn of the Eternal Horse. However, they must be careful, as there is the option to destroy the sugar cube within the inventory.

Winning the Cosmic Sugar Cube requires a bit of luck and a bit of perseverance. It’s a random drop from the Treasure Ogre boss that sometimes spawns during the second Dares of Eternity boss encounter. Since this boss doesn’t appear all the time and doesn’t always drop the cosmic sugar cube, players may need multiple races to acquire the candy for their starry friend. The item itself functions like any other baked good Guardians can make during The Dawning, except that it is complete on its own and requires nothing more than to deliver once purchased.

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This is not the first time that Bungie has added an item similar to this in Destination 2. However, items like this typically end up dropping during the Festival of the Lost and take players on a short mission or do nothing at all. The most recent and notable was the Rising Lens. The Rising Lens was a kind of reward that players could get from Spider after completing a secret mission during the Festival of the Lost 2020. After opening 45 chests in the Enchanted Forest, Spider would have a new mission that would grant him the Rising Lens. . But the lens did nothing. Well, not for a year at least. During this year’s Festival of the Lost, players can turn the Ascendant Lens into Mara Sov and earn a bottomless bag of goodies in return.

The Cosmic Sugar Cube is a fun little addition to an already playful character. It shows Bungie having fun and leaning on fans’ love for a new character. So for those looking to get something special for Starhorse this year, there is a way.

Destiny 2 It is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X / S.

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