Monday, November 28

Del Toro clarifies that he did not want to give hints of Silent Hill in TGA 2021, but to provoke Konami

Those of you who saw The Game Awards 2021 gala, whose summary in Spanish is available here, may have been surprised that the director Guillermo del Toro mention to Silent Hill during his speech on the occasion of the presentation of a new trailer for his latest film. The fans wanted to see in these words a possible preview of the rumored new game in the series of terror from Konami, but in reality Del Toro has explained that he was not hinting at anything, but provoking the company.

He clarified it during an interview with the podcast Happy Sad Confused: “It is simply one of those things in my life that do not make sense”, begins by saying the director in relation to the notorious mention of Silent Hill during the awards gala, and continues: “I just wanted to tickle Konami, because I do not get it”.

“What we were going to do was so fascinating”

It should be remembered that Guillermo del Toro was going to be involved in the development of Silent Hills, the new game of the saga that was going to develop Hideo Kojima and that se cancel after the release of his successful demo P.T., which can now be played in VR thanks to the creation of a fan. “It was so perfect, what we were going to do was so fascinating,” laments the director in the interview.

Since then the franchise Silent Hill he has not raised his head: he has had crossovers with several horror games, but so far no new installment has been received or officially announced. What we have been hearing for years are rumors of a possible game that came from the hand of Bloober Team, the Polish studio in charge of The Medium, although there are also believed to be other IP-related projects underway. There are also people who assure that Hideo Kojima could be related to Silent Hill and that he will be in charge of his new project with Sony, but at the moment there is no official confirmation.

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