Monday, June 27

Amazon increased plastic pollution by 29 percent in 2020, researchers say

Imagine a delivery van that dumps plastic waste into the ocean every 67 minutes, non-stop for 365 days. That’s what pollutes Amazon, says Oceana.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, became the richest person in the world thanks to the sales boom due to the Amazon online pandemic. Billions of dollars in sales means billions of online package deliveries. The world is going through a plastic crisis that is only increasing due to this new model of consumerism.

Oceana, a leading international ocean conservation organization, says Amazon’s plastic waste increased 29 percent compared to 2019. Oceana estimates that of the 599 million pounds of plastic waste generated by Amazon, at least 23.5 million pounds made it into the oceans, rivers and lakes. The amount is the same as if a delivery van dumped its entire payload in plastic waste into the ocean every 67 minutes, non-stop 24/7 for 365 days.

Amazon denies claims, plastic taxes, and secret shoppers

Amazon denied the claims in the Oceana report. “Amazon shares Oceana’s ambition to protect the world’s oceans and respects its work, but for the second year its calculations are seriously flawed.“Said an Amazon spokesperson in a email sent to press. Amazon says Oceana’s figures are down 300 percent, but declined to reveal how much plastic waste they produce and how much ends up in the oceans.

Oceana urged Amazon to implement the company’s plastic reduction programs in Germany and India on a global scale. But Amazon’s restrictive use of plastic in India and Germany may be based on grounds other than green policies. Both countries are known for their plastic laws and for taxing the use of plastic. Furthermore, Europe will implement a hefty plastic tax in 2022 in an effort to deter big companies from using plastic and polluting.

Amazon’s biggest problem is the use of “plastic movie,”An extremely difficult material to recycle. Not accepted by most recycling programs in the US and UK. Amazon says it is committed to the environment and lists different recycling stores “where buyers can return the packaging.Oceana sent 186 secret shoppers to return plastic waste to these stores in 25 cities across the US and the UK. Surprisingly, 40 percent of stores said they wouldn’t accept plastic packaging from Amazon, and 80 percent of managers didn’t even know it. Amazons He was driving customers to his stores.

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