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Akira Yamaoka talks about his music for Slitterhead and remembers Silent Hill | Levelup

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It was at The Game Awards 2021 that Keiichiro Toyama, creator of Silent Hill, revealed his next big game as part of Bokeh Game Studio: Slitterhead, a horror proposal that has genre lovers intrigued.

Toyama will return to work with other industry geniuses such as Akira Yamaoka, composer of Silent Hill who is currently creating the soundtrack for Slitterhead. Bokeh Game Studio decided to give the musician a space to talk about his work on the project.

So the company prepared a special video where Yamaoka talks about his career with Toyama, Silent Hill and of course what you prepare for Slitterhead.

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Akira Yamaoka will set the horror of Slitterhead

Yamaoka recalled a key moment in his career within the video game industry: the creation of the iconic theme song for the first Silent Hill. The creative comments that the song suddenly came to his mind and served to convince Toyama.

That is how the working relationship between the two creatives began, who gave the players one of the best titles and sagas of the genre. Toyama was delighted with his work, so he did not hesitate to call him to Slitterhead.

The musician spoke about his creative process and revealed that he never thinks about a particular genre or style of music. Instead, try to imagine how the sounds will set or represent a visual image or characters in a game.

Thus, the composer will contribute to reinforce the terrifying atmosphere of Slitterhead with new compositions. However, for now he has not revealed much of his work, as the title is still in pre-production.

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Fans are excited as Yamaoka’s label is known to all fans of Silent Hill and it is a benchmark in terms of horror games. Thus, many are eager to hear his compositions for Slitterhead. Below you can see the video.

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Slitterhead It does not yet have a launch date or confirmed platforms. In this link you will enter all the news related to the horror title.

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