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Agents of Mayhem servers closed and no one knew at the time | Levelup

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Volition and Deep Silver have been very successful. Agents of Mayhem it is not one of them. The cooperative project passed with more pain than glory and was quickly forgotten by the masses. So much so that their servers closed a long time ago and nobody found out.

What happens is that, as one ResetEra user noticed, in October 2021 a user complained on Twitter since the servers of Agents of Mayhem they were down on all platforms. Shortly after, he received an official reply: the servers hadn’t had any problems; rather they closed a long time ago.

“The servers for Agents of Mayhem they were turned off long ago.

This does not affect the cooperative, but the contracts are not available now ”, explained the official account of Saints Row.

This situation speaks volumes about Agents of Mayhem. It is clear that there are people who are interested in playing it, but its popularity was so low that its servers have been closed for months and there was no noise. There was no official announcement on his blog and the October tweet barely and he has a few interactions.

Although it is news that will affect few and that will matter to many less, it is still disappointing. Especially since there are now some trophies and achievements that will be impossible to unlock. No way, but it seems that this was the fate of Agents of Mayhem from the beginning.

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Agents of Mayhem arrived on August 15, 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can learn more about this open world title by clicking here.

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