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22 juegos de 2022 –Horizon Forbidden West

The continuation of Horizon: Zero Dawn, one of the most loved and best received new sagas of the past generation of consoles, comes almost five years after we meet Aloy. Horizon Forbidden West It promises to be one of the first hits of a 2022 that promises to be well loaded with great games. The 18th of February We will explore the Forbidden West of this Open world action adventure with RPG elements to face (and tame) new machines, to meet allied and adversary tribes, to explore a post-apocalyptic setting even larger than the first game, and of course, to save the world and learn more about the origin of the protagonist.

More post-apocalyptic America to explore

  • Study: Guerrilla Games
  • Publishing company: PlayStation Studios
  • Platforms: PS5, PS4
  • Release date: February 18, 2022

Earth is on the brink of collapse. Some strange storms are wreaking havoc wherever they pass, wiping out humans and the rest of organic life left in a planet dominated by machines. The situation will lead Aloy to embark on an adventure through the Forbidden West (an area that covers post-apocalyptic versions of San Francisco, Yosemite Nature Park, and beyond) with the goal of ending the mess, and incidentally, find out more about who he really is, something that will change her forever.

The trip will take her through a great variety of natural landscapes: lush forests, swampy areas, imposing mountains and to submerged citiesAs Aloy can now dive and explore the aquatic depths, where there will be no shortage of mechanical dangers. Also, on your adventure visit big cities full of life from the various factions, such as Cadena Chirriante, and other settlements.

On this occasion, the protagonist will not only be able to travel the world by foot or on the back of one of the robots that can be to hack, but also be more agile (being able scale more surfaces jump more easily) and count on the alashield, a utensil that, like the parasail of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, will allow you to soar through the skies and fall towards your destination or on enemies.

New beasts, renewed combat

Exploring new territories will mean that Aloy is faced with new dangers, and twice: both robotic and human. On the part of the mquinas, many of the more than 25 artificial beings that we met in the first part will return, but others will also be released that will combine with the new mechanics: the Alasol (a bird that recharges its energy with sunlight), the Cavador (which will make things difficult on dry land and under water) and the fearsome Terremamut (a mechanized siege elephant) are some of them.

The latter perfectly represents one of the novelties that represent the evolution in the combat system with respect to Horizon Zero Dawn. If at that time the confrontations against humans (somewhat small, let it be said) and against machines were separate, here there will be tribes capable of controlling robots, so the fighting promises to be even more tense and tactical. In addition, Aloy will have more weapons at your disposal They add to an arsenal that was already very diverse and useful in the first part.

We are also looking forward to seeing how the human combat system has improved. On the one hand, each of the tribes will have different archetypes of enemies with its strengths and weaknesses, which will make the confrontations more varied. On the other hand, the Resonator blast be a mechanic of Aloy’s spear that on the one hand motivate to be constantly changing between melee and ranged combat, and will have various skills that can be improved to suit whoever plays. In addition, the crafting and upgrading weapons and outfits.

Horizon Forbidden West camps

A great visual leap

Some will dismiss it as inconsequential or secondary, but certainly one of the reasons why we look forward to it. Horizon Forbidden West it is because of the visual leap that Guerrilla Games promises to give this title. Yes, it’s a game intergenerational (Y on PS4 looks surprising, all is said), but what has been shown so far reflects a evolucin increble that promises to be at the graphic forefront of these beginnings of a new generation: the Aloy recreation, lighting effects, density of the scenes, the detail in the machines, the breadth of the world thanks to an impressive drawing distance

The truth is that there are many other reasons for wanting to put ourselves at the controls of Aloy againLearn more about the cataclysm that ended the ancient world, uncover more layers of Aloy’s provenance, master the new machines. We count the days and even the hours until the 18th of February, when can we enjoy Horizon Forbidden West on PS5 and PS4.

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