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Zynga Wants Its Games To Dare NFTs And Bring It To The Masses | Levelup

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Despite the fact that the community of video game users has made it clear that, for the most part, it repudiates NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and that some attempts to implement them have failed, more and more companies in the industry are interested in this trend. . Zynga is one of them and has just teamed up with another entity to bring NFTs and blockchain-based games to the masses.

Zynga, the leading mobile gaming company, announced a long-term strategic alliance with Forte, a leading company in blockchain solutions for video game publishers, with the aim of “driving rapid development and creating more economic opportunities for gamers in the world. blockchain gaming “. Thanks to this alliance, the integration of this type of technology and expandable economy in blockchain markets would be allowed.

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Zynga and Forte believe in NFTs and want to bring them to the masses

In the press release, Zynga and Forte explain that they believe that the evolution of blockchain technology and NFTs are generating both economic and creative opportunities for developers, partners and players. Thus, this agreement also aims to “take advantage of the intellectual properties, brand and community of Zynga to develop games that are fun and durable”, thus the creation of products based on blockchain and NFT is expected.

Forte co-founder and CEO Josh Williams says the agreement will seek to advance the blockchain-based gaming ecosystem in a responsible way that will attract and benefit players and provide them with more economic opportunities. The goal would be “to promote and create a transformative experience in which players can unlock and capture new forms of value and property rights within the games they enjoy.”

This alliance is perhaps one of the most interesting related to video games and NFTs or blockchain. Several companies have shown interest in the subject, but none with the scope that Zynga has, because let’s remember that their titles are designed for the casual public, for the masses, well, that they are not so exposed or that perhaps they do not know what NFTs are. , so it will be interesting to see how this sector reacts, and it could be the most important attempt of video games to foray into this trend and do it on a large scale and lead the way to other companies. We will keep you informed.

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