Wednesday, July 6

You can now play PT in virtual reality (if you dare) thanks to this fan creation

Despite being just a demo, P.T. has become one of the most influential horror video games of recent years: there are not a few titles (independent or not) that have been inspired by this advance that Hideo Kojima created to announce the now canceled Silent Hills. Those who enjoy this genre have such esteem for the Konami project demo that they cannot stop remembering its existence more than seven years after its release.

You have now been the user ROBYER1 who has taken advantage of the iconic corridor of P.T. to bring it to virtual reality. Specifically has recreated the game scenario in an application for Meta Quest (Facebook’s VR headsets formerly known as Oculus Quest) which can be downloaded for free from this link. If you do not have such a device, below you can see a short video of the final result of the demo of Silent Hills working in virtual reality:

Frights in VR

The truth is that this fan creation is suitable for all types of audiences, because as you have seen in the video this application not an adaptation of the demo itself, but only carries the stage of P.T. to virtual reality. This means we won’t be able to play creepy loop of teaser interactive tour of Kojima, but we can only walk around the house. Perhaps that detracts from value for those who seek strong emotions, but who prefer to walk quietly. without being chased by Lisa and your regrets can do it now in a more immersive way than ever.

Even so, even without being an adaptation of the original game, the creator of this experience warns that there are ambient sound, random events and certain easter eggs They will make us scream in fear, so we better not be overconfident.

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