Saturday, June 25

Windows 10 update brings a big taskbar update, but there’s a problem

An upcoming Windows 10 update will make the taskbar much more useful, adding news and weather content. It almost looks like the way the start menu used to display the events and stories of the day. And while this seems like a good way to get information, it does have a downside: It will peck at your memory.

According to a report by Latest Windows, this feature can use up to 150MB of RAM at a time. That doesn’t sound like much, but we assume that systems with limited resources could be affected at any moment.

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Fortunately, that’s only when the taskbar is actively pulling information and is not in a constant state of downloading. It just sits idle for the entire day, updating as the news happens. You can see this feature for yourself if you’re on the Windows Insider program dev channel. We do not know When However, it will do exactly that for all users.

This is because when something is tested on the Insider program, it is not a 100% total lockdown that comes in the future, or at least the current condition it is in. We bet Microsoft is trying to make sure it creates the least possible impact on the system.

Microsoft said the feature will be customizable, so you can set it to only download the things you want, and not the content you don’t care about (just like when I remove the Stocks app from my iPhone). This can reduce resource usage, but (again) it’s likely that only lower-powered systems can experience a visible slowdown. When you think about how much RAM is in most laptops, this is like having a few more tabs open in Chrome.

We first reported on this feature in January, when Microsoft made it official. Microsoft pulls all the data for this feature from its MSN network. Also, it requires that you have downloaded the new Chromium-based Microsoft on your PC. You can use our guide on how to update Windows 10 to make sure your PC is up to date.

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