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VALORANT player gets 3 kills using a single bullet | Levelup

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Players of VALORANT They have managed to do incredible things since the game debuted. However, few of those feats have been as surprising as this: It turns out that one player managed to eliminate 3 players using just one bullet.

On reddit, user dubie9 shared a simply great moment. It turns out that he was at a key moment in a game of Spike Rush and was suddenly in trouble when 3 players from the opposing team were chasing him to finish him off.

Luckily he had an ace under the handle: the golden pistol. The player tried to escape and fired to eliminate some of his enemies and relieve the pressure. What I may never imagine is that at the time of the shot his enemies would form, causing him to get 3 kills with a single kill.

Don’t you think it’s possible? We leave you the moment below so that you can see it with your own eyes:

What did you think of this moment? Is it the most impressive you’ve seen in VALORANT? Tell us in the comments.

VALORANT is available for PC. You can learn more about this tactical shooter from Riot Games by clicking here.

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