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TikTok unseats Google and Facebook as the most visited website in 2021

  • In just five years of life, the Chinese social network for short videos catapulted its popularity and already has more than 689 million users

TikTok it does not stop breaking records. Just five years after its launch in the international market, the famous red social china short video has managed to become an almost unprecedented meteoric technological phenomenon. Now, TikTok has managed to unseat two giants like Google Y Facebook to become the most visited website in Internet is 2021.

It is certified by the report on trends in web traffic that the company produces annually Cloudflare, which also provides cybersecurity and domain name server services. During the past year TikTok occupied the seventh position in the ranking, which makes its ‘surprise’ to Google, unbeaten until now by the dominance of features such as Maps, the translator or its photo service, even more impressive.

This is the top 10 most popular web pages this 2021:

1- TikTok

2- Google

3- Facebook

4- Microsoft

5- Apple

6- Amazon

7- Netflix

8- Youtube

9- Twitter

10- WhatsApp

The most downloaded app in the world

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In this way, TikTok becomes the only Chinese-owned website to hit a podium traditionally in American hands. TikTok is the international version of the Chinese application Douyin, active in the Asian market since September 2016. The social network, which was only available worldwide after its merger with In August 2018, it has followed spectacular growth in recent years.

TikTok is currently the seventh most used platform in the world with 689 million active users, according to Hootsuite data. However, these data do not give a complete picture of its impact, since its Chinese sister Douyin also has another 600 million users, which could place it among the five most powerful. The social network was the most downloaded in 2020 and in August of that year it reached 2 billion global downloads.

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