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This is the Click & Cook kitchen robot, by Moulinex

There are products that have earned their place in the home, thanks to their functionality and performance but, above all, for providing time savings and good flavors to traditional dishes and the innovative recipes of today’s young chefs. This is the case of the latest Mouinex kitchen robot that, compared to previous generations, proposes a team with optimal culinary results, since it integrates in its memory 600 recipes including some prepared by the renowned nutritionist Carlos Ríos, defender of real food and realfooder by excellence.

The value of this appliance, which is marketed at a price of about 499 euros, focuses on solving the problems of lack of time and cooking knowledge, providing a solution for those who do not want to give up real food that is both healthy, tasty and fun to cook, in no time.

Main features

Click & CooK has what it takes in the kitchen, demonstrating its ease of use in each preparation. It has numerous built-in recipes, an intuitive 7-inch touch screen, a side digital kitchen scale, 10 automatic programs, 6 accessories and a 3.6-liter capacity. A true all-rounder that will become the best ally at home.

Guided processes and other benefits

Once the recipe has been chosen from the 600 available, the touch screen guides the user through the entire process, step by step. An important value is that it has a integrated digital scale to accurately weigh food.

The display provides a safe and easy cooking experience. It guides the preparation of the recipe, without having to parameterize anything and everything automatically. Mention that there is a search engine by ingredients or by recipe, and it makes it possible to have the favorite recipes at hand, since they can be stored in “favoritos”.

The equipment offers 10 automatic programs and 32 functions. The robot is equipped with 7 accessories and provides a capacity of 3.6 liters, enough for a family of four.

It has a safety feature that prevents the lid from opening while in use. The automatic pre-cleaning program works on the bowl, while the removable parts can be washed in the dishwasher. And thanks to its intelligent storage system, all accessories can be stored inside the bowl, so that they do not take up any additional space.

It is repairable for 10 years, and the brand is committed to having parts available during this period.

Cooking dishes from starter to dessert is easy thanks to its automation and technologies: digital display, 32 functions and 10 programs.

Summary of benefits

Availability of recipes that are displayed on a touch screen that guides the process. Digital scale that offers extremely high precision.

Stores preferred recipes in favorites and has a specialized search engine by ingredient or by recipe,

It provides 32 functions and 10 automatic programs.

It comes standard with 7 accessories (mincer blade, mixer, whisk, internal / external steam basket, spatula, measuring cup)

It has a self-cleaning function, a security function and a capacity for 4 people.

The idea behind the machine

Click & Cook, according to Moulinex herself, was designed to put the delicious and exceptional variety of cuisine within the reach of anyone, whether or not they have culinary knowledge, and in a way that can save time when all members of the family have work responsibilities outside of the address. It is a device for preparing dishes from starter to dessert in a simple and guided way.

The best product numbers

32 different functions: cut, mince, grind, sauté, grind, pulverize, prepare cream, liquefy, reheat, whisk, mix, cook, stew, weigh, cook at low temperature, stir, knead, steam cook, ferment, preserve, boil, confit, precision cook, whip, emulsify, poach, ice crush, braise, melt, make sorbets, make butter and turbo function

Interface with 10 automatic programs: simmer, risotto, light or intense steam cooking, cake, bread, pastry, rooms and soup; also has automatic cleaning function

Seven accessories, including a large capacity external steamer for healthy cooking.

3.6L capacity to prepare dishes for four people (600 recipes included).

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A precision scale (1g to 5kg) built into the bowl.

7 accessories: mincer blade, mixer, whisk, internal / external steam basket, spatula and measuring cup. All accessories can be stored inside the cooking bowl. Dishwasher safe removable parts

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