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These are the favorite video games of the next president of Chile | Levelup

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Although the perception of politics is that it is carried out by gentlemen in suits, bored and conservative, this is not always the case and Chile recently realized this after Gabriel Boric Font’s meteoric political career will lead him to the presidency of the South American country. with only 36 years. Born in 1986, the Chilean politician shares a taste for different entertainment products that are common to many of us and as part of his victory, he was reminded of his favorite video games.

Gabriel Boric, Chile’s next president, is also a fan of video games

The victory of Gabriel Boric Font, presidential candidate for the I Approve Dignity coalition, has been an unprecedented media phenomenon in the region and we are already talking about the youngest president in history and represents the arrival of the left to the exercise of power in a nation hurt by a dictatorship and governments of the right and neoliberal court. Part of the charm of Gabriel Boric, emerged politically from the Student Protests of 2011, are his tastes because in the same way he is a fan of the TOOL group and likes to see Dragon Ball, does the same with video games and now that he will be the next president of Chile the site Tarreo shared a tweet revealing his favorite titles.

During a series of tweets in 2013, Gabriel Boric revealed that his favorite video game franchises include Age of Empires Y Grand Theft Auto, showing that the next president of Chile has a taste for titles as opposite as those of the 2 IPs mentioned.

A curious case without a doubt and that marks a different perspective on politics in South America. Unfortunately, in the middle of 2021 we continue to deal with the stigma that has weighed on video games for decades, as in the case of Mexico, where the government insists on finding relationships between gaming and violence without presenting conclusive data and information and appealing to scandal that a trending topic can do.

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