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The PS Store Christmas sales begin: These are the offers you cannot miss

Offered by PlayStation

Christmas is about to begin and with it comes the Holiday / January Sales of PlayStation Store: some of the best games of the year 2021 will be at irresistible prices for a few days. This year the sales are divided into two waves: the first starts today December 22 and lasts until January 7. Two days before, on January 5, the second part of the offers will begin, which will end on january 19.

There are games that will only be on sale in one of the two waves, but some will be on sale for almost a month. To be a great opportunity to get hold of some of the most acclaimed games on the PlayStation Store.

Great releases of the year at the best price

In this first wave of sales there are five games that stand out above the rest. Is about the annual deliveries of FIFA 22 and NBA 2K22, the two best sports games, sold at discounts never seen before. FIFA 22 can be purchased 40% off on PS5, at 47.99 euros, while the PS4 version is 50% off and sells for 34.99. In the case of 2K Games basketball, NBA 2K22 is 55% off on PS5 (it is 33.74 euros), and 58% on PS4 (29.39). There is also a 55% discount on the “Crossgen Bundle”, which includes both versions, for those who are waiting to get a PS5 but do not want to stop playing with their basketball idols on their PS4. This double version is at 38.24 euros.

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If what you like is the action in the first person, two of the year’s greats are more affordable than ever. The Ultimate Edition of Far Cry 6, which includes all digital content, is sold at a 40% discount, at 71.99 euros. The standard versions cost 41.99 euros with a discount of 40%. In the case of Call of Duty Vanguard, all editions are discounted with different percentages. The standard versions for both PS4 and PS5 are discounted: the PS5 at 30% for 55.99 euros, and the PS4 at 35% and costs 45.49 euros. The Ultimate versions are also reduced to 20% on both systems.

Apart from these four best-selling games stand out and shine Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, one of the most surprising games of this year, with a 35% discount on all its editions and versions: It costs 45.49 euros in normal version and 51.99 in Deluxe Edition.

Games you can get this Christmas with PSN gift cards

There are hundreds of discounted titles that you can get through PlayStation Store Gift Cards, a great gift for this Christmas.

These are some of The best games you can buy with Gift cards of 50 and 20 until January 7 in the Christmas sales.

Games to give away with PSN gift cards 50 euros

Games to give away with PSN gift cards 20 euros

For more information on the January Sale, visit the store page.

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