Thursday, July 7

The mandatory outdoor mask returns due to coronavirus infections




La Mandatory outdoor mask return soon, as the measure will be approved in the Council of Ministers on Thursday. This is the first known measure after the celebration of the Conference of Autonomous Presidents to face the sixth wave of coronavirus. Eight communities had requested this measure.

In addition, the vaccination campaign would be reinforced, now based on the administration of the booster doses. The campaign will continue at least until the first week of March. For this, the Government will allow recruit retired staff and professionals from outside Europe. This will mean an increase in resources in primary care, which is one of the current demands of citizenship. In addition, the Government has announced 292 million for the improvement of primary care, especially in the sense of reinforcing staff in it.

They will also collaborate on it military units, that will also collaborate in the tracking of contagions.

Micron direct contacts: no quarantine required

It will also be determined that close contacts with micron variant positives, and already vaccinated, do not require quarantine.

Technicians from the Ministry of Health had recommended that limit capacity at public and social events, but other measures are ruled out, such as curfews and other types of mobility and activity restrictions, as well as general alarm states. The limitation of the number of family Christmas gatherings remains a recommendation, outside of what is already stipulated by the Communities.

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