Saturday, June 25

Starfield promises ‘unique environments full of life’ with jungle illustration

The details of Starfield that Bethesda has been sharing with us since we know it will arrive on Xbox Series X / S and PC on November 11 next year (with confirmed Spanish dubbing, by the way); One of the aspects in which the company of Todd Howard has investigated the most has been the locations of this new space role-playing game, and precisely about that they have spoken again today in a tweet published by the official account of the game.

“During your travels you will discover many unique environments, some exuberant and full of life“says the text that accompanies a beautiful illustration of what appears to be a jungle, a scenario that contrasts with some of the ones we have already seen (although it already appeared in one of Starfield’s recent videos). In this way the company tries to make us see that indeed the game of space exploration is going to be as varied as we can imagine, including jungle areas in our intergalactic journey.

A dangerous space trip

Set in the to 2330, Starfield It will lead us to be part of the last group of space explorers, something that will lead us to travel the galaxy from one corner to another, although always choosing at our own risk and expense. Of the latter there will be plenty, since Bethesda has stressed that being a project much more hardcore than previous games, with comparisons such that his space exploration will be as risky “as flying was in the 1940s.”

Starfield will go on sale on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series X / S and PC, although it will also reach mobile devices and Xbox One through the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate cloud game, a platform on which it will be available from the day of its launch. Where not to be is on PS5, since it is an exclusive game for Microsoft consoles.

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